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Our honor

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1. A member of the organization “China National Professional Standard Experts Committee for Customs Declarants”;

2.China Customs magazine invited experts;

3. A member of ICMCI, China region;

4. A paticipant to draw up “China National Professional Standards for Declarants”

5. A paticipant to draw up “China National Professional Qualification Test Materials for Declarants”;

6. A paticipant to draw up “Provisions on Administration to Stipulate Documents and Account Books for Processing and Trading Enterprises at Huangpu Customs”;

7. Executive Director and Chief Consultant of Customs Affairs of Huangpu Customs Declaration Association;

8. A Paticipant to examine and approve manuscripts “Declarant’s Professional Ethics and Professional Techniques” of Shanghai Customs College;

9.A vice president of the unit of the Experts Committee of Guangdong Management Consultancy Association;

10.A vice president of the unit and a Perennial Consultant of Guangdong Huangpu Custom Brokers Association;

11. A Perennial Consultant of Customs Affairs for Dongguan Taiwan Chamber of Commerce Chang’an Branch and Tangxia Branch.

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